Monday, April 12, 2010

Tractor Fun

I just had to put these pics on the blog. Friday I took Karl Mikal to my parents house so that Karl and I could more easily attend a marriage seminar at our church. I am picking him up Thursday. No one was sure how Karl Mikal would do, since this is the first time he has been away from us for any extended period of time. He adores my parents, but being away from Mom and Dad can still be a bit unnerving. Based on the pics below, I think he is having a great time. Just a bit of background information...I grew up on a ranch and my parents still live there. The tractors are at the top of the road and Karl Mikal asks to ride the mule (ATV) up there to see them. He has often asked to see them, but hasn't wanted to get on them until today.
He absolutely loves "driving" our cars. I can only imagine the how proud he was to sit in this drivers seat.

Being comfortable is very important!

Now, where is that keyhole?

It is good to be king!

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