Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy 40th!!!

Last week my sweet husband turned 40. So we celebrated as best we knew how. We started out the celebration by surprising him with a cake at his work. Several of the staff members even came to sing Happy Birthday and enjoy cake too.
Then when he arrived home, I had the suitcase packed, directions written out, and we were off to an unknown to him destination. As he drove he had a list of what color card to ask for and from which child. (Karl Mikal and Heidi each had 4/5 cards all different colors to give him as he called for a color. This worked great especially since Heidi is a pro at her colors.) The final stopping point was the Great Wolf Lodge.
We spent one night there and had a great time. As we pulled in Karl Mikal got so excited because he remembered being there with my family last summer. As we walked down the hallway to the elevators, Karl Mikal was literally jumping up and down with excitement. After we changed and got on swimsuits Heidi joined in the excitement, by saying, "Go SWIMMING!" with as much emphasis as she could put on swimming. After dinner, swimming, and story time we went back to the room, sang Happy Birthday again and enjoyed a cookie cake. Then we got up Friday and spent the rest of the day at the GWL. You can stay all day after you check out until the park closes. We left the GWL at 5:30 with Karl Mikal saying he didn't want to leave as he drifted off to sweet dreams! Poor guy was exhausted!
Then Saturday evening I had planned a family and friends surprise party for Karl. He had no idea and fell for all I told him. It was great! He wound up having a work function to go to from 1-4 on Sat, so when he arrived back home around 4:15, he was greeted by family and friends.
He has told me several times how much he enjoyed his birthday. I am so glad and was so happy to do it for him. Thank you Karl for being such a wonderful husband, father and christian man. I love you for honesty, integrity, servant heart, and all the love you show our family and others. Happy 40th! Here's to the next 40!

Story time at the Great Wolf. Heidi kept wanting more songs.

Picture with Violet, one of the Great Wolf characters. I was surprised Karl Mikal wanted a picture with her. He is usually more shy than that. I was proud of him. Heidi kept talking about her shoes. Heidi loves shoes!!!

Don't shoot the camera!

If Bubbie can do it, so can I!!!!

Fun with Daddy!

Karl Mikal was a pro on the slides. This was his favorite. He also did two larger ones, one time each. He wanted me to take his picture on those too, but wouldn't get back on for me to try. Silly boy!

In the wave pool with a tube. Both kids enjoyed walking around with a tube. Karl and Karl Mikal enjoyed jumping the waves when they were on.

These are Heidi's pretty eyes! I finally caught them!

By the end of our stay she began to enjoy the waves. It took her quite a bit of warming up.

In a log cabin at the Cub Club. The asked me to come in, I wasn't too sure my belly would fit so well. Daddy was a great sport.

Heidi was looking for her prince! Unfortunately only in movies and fairy tales do frogs turn into princes.

Inside the Cub Club, an attempt at a family picture. Heidi was nearly an hour overdue for a nap and it was beginning to show.

Coming around the corner to see all our family and friends. Surprise!!!

The pool heater ran nearly 24 hours so several were able to enjoy the pool or bath with as warm as the water was. These are two of my sweet nieces. They are only 10 weeks apart and great friends.

I loved coming inside to find Heidi and see that Hannah and Allie were reading her stories. What sweet girls!!!

Simulating blowing out all 40 candles. The wind was blowing too hard to keep any of the candles lit.

Happy Birthday Karl!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our FIRST Kids Meal...ever! we come! Tonight for the first time we all went to a drive thru restaurant and ordered dinner for everyone! Kids included! Yesterday we were given the go ahead to introduce other foods that contain eggs with Karl Mikal. So we loaded up and went to Chick-Fil-A. (Yes, I know there are much more healthy options available for dinner, but give this mom a break. I have been cooking nearly every meal since he was 10 months old. It is nice to have a fast food option. Plus aren't kids' meals part of growing up. )

It is safe to say that we received two thumbs up from both kids. Take a look.
Looking for the prize inside...isn't this the best part?

Found it!

OUCH!!! The fries are hot.

Although the eyes don't show it in this picture, he liked it.

Can't leave out Heidi. This was her first kids meal too!

This is also only the 2nd time for Heidi to try egg products. So far so good! We will keep watch as the night goes on.

So if you are looking for lunch partners, give a shout. We are ready to go.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cookie = Yummie!!!

Last night as our small group was arriving, I noticed that Heidi was very quiet and no where in sight. For this girl that could mean many things. I started looking for her and found her with a prize and a very, VERY proud look. She found a chocolate chip cookie that I made for small group and was she ever enjoying it! Her face lit up when she saw as if to say, "Oh mom! Why haven't I had this before!!!" Here are some pics with that same cookie, although she was a little aggravated that I put her down to take a picture.
She was not happy about being put down.
Oh well, I guess I will eat the cookie anyway.
Other info on our little miss:
  • 75, 95, and 95 - her stats from her one year check up. 75% percentile in weight, 95th percentile in head size, and 95th percentile in height. She's a big girl.
  • She is a bit opinionated already...don't know where she gets that?

  • She loves to climb. By 8 months old she was already climbing the slide we have in the playroom by herself...another proud moment for herself.

  • She loves to walk the hallway (aka "the loop") with her stroller walker. She makes many laps a day and has just recently figured out how to make the turns and back up. This past weekend she did start stomping her foot and hollering when she was really stuck. It was pretty cute...we will work on the stomping of the foot.

  • She adores big brother! He pounces on her (not without discipline following), but she loves it. It makes it hard to discipline because her laughter encourages more pouncing. However the mommy in me says this really could turn into something bad.

  • She loves to read books and has for a long time. We rarely sit in her rocker in her room without her reaching up for books.

  • She can tell you what the monkey, duck, and cow all say.

  • She loves necklaces, hats, and shoes. Are these signs of a diva already? Earlier this week I was going through clothes and she was pointing out her favorites...oh my!!!

  • She loves to swim and play in the bath.

  • She is a cute little dancer.

  • She is an absolute bundle of joy and is already melting her daddy's heart with very little effort. I am prepared to be the tough one!

I will try to be better about posting an have a lot to share. Our summer has not been a typical summer with Karl's new teaching position, so hang in there with me. Hopefully with school starting again I can get into a routine again.

Until next time...have a good day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

4 teaspoons

Today we went in for another challenge with Karl Mikal and he did great! He was given 20 mL (4 teaspoons). Next week he will be given 40 mL. WOW! God is so, so, so good!

Thank you for your prayers.

By the way, the blog about the air show below was actually posted tonight, Friday, May 14th. I started it Monday that is why the date above it says May 10th. Can anyone help me with that?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Silver Anniversary of the B1-Bomber

Two B1's center stage for the Air Show.


Recently we went to Abilene to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the B1-Bomber at Dyess Air Force Base. This is the plane that Karl was a navigator on while he was in the Air Force. Karl took the day off Friday so that we could leave Thursday after he got off work and be there all day Friday and Saturday for the air show. We had a great time! Friday morning we got things together and headed out to the base. Karl had a great time reminiscing as he drove on base. It was also neat to see exactly where he worked while there. He was able to sit in on several briefings and hear about new ways the B1 is being used. Very neat! We were also able to go into the simulator for the B1. Karl Mikal and our nephew Luke were able to join us for this part. At first Karl Mikal was unsure, but then warmed up and sat in his daddy's lap and "flew" the plane. Luke was glad to sit in the pilot's chair and fly. He mostly enjoyed the take-off landing and flipping in the air. Unfortunately we were not able to take any pictures of the simulator (it is all top my opinion I am glad to know that our government still keeps some things secret!) I am so glad that we went. Karl was able to meet up with some old friends and catch up. It was fun! Below are some pics. Most of them are from the air show on Saturday. Enjoy!
Karl and Karl Mikal next to a big model of the B1-Bomber.


Luke next to another large model F-16. This one actually flies! We didn't see it fly, but heard it fire up. It was pretty impressive.


This was the closest picture I could take of the flight simulator.
Cameras were not allowed.
. We were on base Friday when the Thunderbirds were practicing for the air show. While we waited the boys were boys and enjoyed throwing rocks. :)

. Suited up for the show. My sister sewed velcro onto the kids shirts so that they could wear some of Karl's old patches. It was fun for the kids to pick out their patches.

I didn't plan for cold weather when I packed us up. So my kids are both wearing their pajamas under their clothes. Poor Heidi! I am sure she will not be happy with this picture on day. I told some people on the shuttle that I didn't plan for my daughter to be dressed from the 80's that day. Actually, I remember having some high tops that would have matched her outfit perfectly...same colors and even a palm tree on the side. The weather did warm up and we were able to take of the pajamas later.


Heidi's patch went on her back. I am sure that she
would have just chewed on it the whole day otherwise. .


Getting a closer look as one of the planes taxied down the run way..

Standing under a B1. Both of the kids were not as cooperative as usual. They were both under the weather for much of the trip..

Walking under the bomb bay of the B1.


Taking a good look under the plane. He is so curious!

Neither of the kids liked the ear plugs we made them wear during the Thunderbird show. Karl Mikal really didn't like it, so Karl took him and hung out inside one of the planes and watched the show. Heidi didn't fuss too much, but then fell asleep. Maybe next time we can watch the show, get a few pictures, and not have fussy children. It did make me feel a little better to see a few other kids who didn't like the show either because of the noise.
Sweet girl!

I really like this picture.
And this one too!

Please remember to pray for all of our military who are currently serving and those who have served. So many of them are away from their families right now and may not even be sure when they will see family again. They do their jobs day by day and even have to do jobs commanded to them by people who were never in their shoes (yes, I have BIG opinions about that!). So please pray for our troops daily and say thank you to those who are serving and those who have served as well as their families.

Friday, April 23, 2010

More Milk

Can you believe we are almost to a teaspoon and a half? Karl Mikal is doing great with his milk therapy. Today he was challenged with 7 mL. Here is a picture from tonight when he took his dose. Several have asked if he likes the milk. Yes. Many times after getting his dose he says, "Me like that" or "That yummie Mommy" I am so glad.

At the next challenge he will be given 10 mL. That will be two teaspoons. He is really moving right along with this therapy. Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tractor Fun

I just had to put these pics on the blog. Friday I took Karl Mikal to my parents house so that Karl and I could more easily attend a marriage seminar at our church. I am picking him up Thursday. No one was sure how Karl Mikal would do, since this is the first time he has been away from us for any extended period of time. He adores my parents, but being away from Mom and Dad can still be a bit unnerving. Based on the pics below, I think he is having a great time. Just a bit of background information...I grew up on a ranch and my parents still live there. The tractors are at the top of the road and Karl Mikal asks to ride the mule (ATV) up there to see them. He has often asked to see them, but hasn't wanted to get on them until today.
He absolutely loves "driving" our cars. I can only imagine the how proud he was to sit in this drivers seat.

Being comfortable is very important!

Now, where is that keyhole?

It is good to be king!