Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy 40th!!!

Last week my sweet husband turned 40. So we celebrated as best we knew how. We started out the celebration by surprising him with a cake at his work. Several of the staff members even came to sing Happy Birthday and enjoy cake too.
Then when he arrived home, I had the suitcase packed, directions written out, and we were off to an unknown to him destination. As he drove he had a list of what color card to ask for and from which child. (Karl Mikal and Heidi each had 4/5 cards all different colors to give him as he called for a color. This worked great especially since Heidi is a pro at her colors.) The final stopping point was the Great Wolf Lodge.
We spent one night there and had a great time. As we pulled in Karl Mikal got so excited because he remembered being there with my family last summer. As we walked down the hallway to the elevators, Karl Mikal was literally jumping up and down with excitement. After we changed and got on swimsuits Heidi joined in the excitement, by saying, "Go SWIMMING!" with as much emphasis as she could put on swimming. After dinner, swimming, and story time we went back to the room, sang Happy Birthday again and enjoyed a cookie cake. Then we got up Friday and spent the rest of the day at the GWL. You can stay all day after you check out until the park closes. We left the GWL at 5:30 with Karl Mikal saying he didn't want to leave as he drifted off to sweet dreams! Poor guy was exhausted!
Then Saturday evening I had planned a family and friends surprise party for Karl. He had no idea and fell for all I told him. It was great! He wound up having a work function to go to from 1-4 on Sat, so when he arrived back home around 4:15, he was greeted by family and friends.
He has told me several times how much he enjoyed his birthday. I am so glad and was so happy to do it for him. Thank you Karl for being such a wonderful husband, father and christian man. I love you for honesty, integrity, servant heart, and all the love you show our family and others. Happy 40th! Here's to the next 40!

Story time at the Great Wolf. Heidi kept wanting more songs.

Picture with Violet, one of the Great Wolf characters. I was surprised Karl Mikal wanted a picture with her. He is usually more shy than that. I was proud of him. Heidi kept talking about her shoes. Heidi loves shoes!!!

Don't shoot the camera!

If Bubbie can do it, so can I!!!!

Fun with Daddy!

Karl Mikal was a pro on the slides. This was his favorite. He also did two larger ones, one time each. He wanted me to take his picture on those too, but wouldn't get back on for me to try. Silly boy!

In the wave pool with a tube. Both kids enjoyed walking around with a tube. Karl and Karl Mikal enjoyed jumping the waves when they were on.

These are Heidi's pretty eyes! I finally caught them!

By the end of our stay she began to enjoy the waves. It took her quite a bit of warming up.

In a log cabin at the Cub Club. The asked me to come in, I wasn't too sure my belly would fit so well. Daddy was a great sport.

Heidi was looking for her prince! Unfortunately only in movies and fairy tales do frogs turn into princes.

Inside the Cub Club, an attempt at a family picture. Heidi was nearly an hour overdue for a nap and it was beginning to show.

Coming around the corner to see all our family and friends. Surprise!!!

The pool heater ran nearly 24 hours so several were able to enjoy the pool or bath with as warm as the water was. These are two of my sweet nieces. They are only 10 weeks apart and great friends.

I loved coming inside to find Heidi and see that Hannah and Allie were reading her stories. What sweet girls!!!

Simulating blowing out all 40 candles. The wind was blowing too hard to keep any of the candles lit.

Happy Birthday Karl!!!

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