Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our FIRST Kids Meal...ever!

Chick-fil-a...here we come! Tonight for the first time we all went to a drive thru restaurant and ordered dinner for everyone! Kids included! Yesterday we were given the go ahead to introduce other foods that contain eggs with Karl Mikal. So we loaded up and went to Chick-Fil-A. (Yes, I know there are much more healthy options available for dinner, but give this mom a break. I have been cooking nearly every meal since he was 10 months old. It is nice to have a fast food option. Plus aren't kids' meals part of growing up. )

It is safe to say that we received two thumbs up from both kids. Take a look.
Looking for the prize inside...isn't this the best part?

Found it!

OUCH!!! The fries are hot.

Although the eyes don't show it in this picture, he liked it.

Can't leave out Heidi. This was her first kids meal too!

This is also only the 2nd time for Heidi to try egg products. So far so good! We will keep watch as the night goes on.

So if you are looking for lunch partners, give a shout. We are ready to go.


Hayley said...

What a great milestone to have passed! So glad things are going well!

Alli said...

So exciting! And no judgment here - my kids usually eat Chick Fil-A once a week!

Amy Mc. said...

This is so exciting. Maybe we need a Chick-fil-a celebration/playdate soon!!!

Dana said...

No judgements here either! We go to the mall once a week with some friends and Jackson always gets a corn dog from sonic. Nice and healthy! We would love to meet you guys at Chick fil a for a playdate!