Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cookie = Yummie!!!

Last night as our small group was arriving, I noticed that Heidi was very quiet and no where in sight. For this girl that could mean many things. I started looking for her and found her with a prize and a very, VERY proud look. She found a chocolate chip cookie that I made for small group and was she ever enjoying it! Her face lit up when she saw as if to say, "Oh mom! Why haven't I had this before!!!" Here are some pics with that same cookie, although she was a little aggravated that I put her down to take a picture.
She was not happy about being put down.
Oh well, I guess I will eat the cookie anyway.
Other info on our little miss:
  • 75, 95, and 95 - her stats from her one year check up. 75% percentile in weight, 95th percentile in head size, and 95th percentile in height. She's a big girl.
  • She is a bit opinionated already...don't know where she gets that?

  • She loves to climb. By 8 months old she was already climbing the slide we have in the playroom by herself...another proud moment for herself.

  • She loves to walk the hallway (aka "the loop") with her stroller walker. She makes many laps a day and has just recently figured out how to make the turns and back up. This past weekend she did start stomping her foot and hollering when she was really stuck. It was pretty cute...we will work on the stomping of the foot.

  • She adores big brother! He pounces on her (not without discipline following), but she loves it. It makes it hard to discipline because her laughter encourages more pouncing. However the mommy in me says this really could turn into something bad.

  • She loves to read books and has for a long time. We rarely sit in her rocker in her room without her reaching up for books.

  • She can tell you what the monkey, duck, and cow all say.

  • She loves necklaces, hats, and shoes. Are these signs of a diva already? Earlier this week I was going through clothes and she was pointing out her favorites...oh my!!!

  • She loves to swim and play in the bath.

  • She is a cute little dancer.

  • She is an absolute bundle of joy and is already melting her daddy's heart with very little effort. I am prepared to be the tough one!

I will try to be better about posting an have a lot to share. Our summer has not been a typical summer with Karl's new teaching position, so hang in there with me. Hopefully with school starting again I can get into a routine again.

Until next time...have a good day!

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