Sunday, September 13, 2009

Karl Mikal and Heidi

I can't believe that our sweet boy is 20 months old and our baby girl is almost 2 months old! Time has certainly flown by. Since this is our first post, I thought that I would fill you in on the kids and how we are adjusting. Here goes...

Karl Mikal is a great big brother. He loves his little sister. He pats her on the back, helps change diapers by getting wipes ready, carries her binkie around the house, and loves to be on the floor beside her. We haven't seen any negative behavior towards his little sister. Thank goodness!!! Of course, adding a new sister to the house didn't come without any changes from him. Karl and I both agree that for a while things became more dramatic. A fall that used to just be a fall, was a big deal. He gets louder and louder if you don't answer him right away and the funniest thing is that he will lay on the floor and wimper for attention. If that doesn't work, then he bumps his head (on purpose) onto the wall until a soft thud is heard and comes looking for lovies. A little hug and kiss-then he is on his way. For the most part though, he seems to have adjusted well.

Heidi is great! She is really starting to "wake up". When we talk to her she finds our voice and responds with a smile. She has dimples on both sides of her cheeks that are just so sweet. I can assure you it completely melts her daddy's heart! She rolled over once when she was 4 weeks old and hasn't done it since. Now when she is placed on her belly she either fusses or goes to sleep. I am not sure that belly time is supposed to play out like that. We will keep trying. She is a big sleeper. Most nights she gives us a 5 or 6 hour stretch. We certainly can't complain. As I say often, she is a keeper!
As far as Karl and I, we feel so very blessed. God has blessed our lives with two beautiful and healthy children. Although we are more tired than before and it seems that we haven't had "us" time in a long time, all the smiles, giggles, and love in our house makes us feel very complete.

Here are a few pics to leave you with:

Heidi's first picture with mom.
Heidi's first picture with dad. First family picture.
Karl Mikal sharing his bed with Heidi.

Karl Mikal sharing the bouncy seat with Heidi.


Kirk said...

How FUN to see the pictures of your darling kids. Karl Mikal is adorable and those big blue eyes! How could you ever say "no" to that face?? :-)
Heidi's announcement is beautiful!
Think of you often and are so happy to see you all adjusting well.
Blessings and love to the family!
Jennifer and family

Erin said...

I am so excited to be able to "see" you more!

Hattie said...

So glad you have a blog now!

Dana said...

So glad you started a blog. What a beautiful family you have!