Thursday, October 22, 2009

State Fair

The Texas State Fair was recently in town and so off we went. On the way to the fair and several days leading up to the day we picked to go, I couldn't help but think of all the fun Karl Mikal was going to have on the kiddie rides. He is so into driving his little Cozy Coupe and sitting in the driver's seat of our car, that I just knew he would have a blast riding the little cars, boats, and motorcycles at the fair.

So as soon as we got into the fair we bought our tickets and quickly found the kid rides. Now Karl thought it might be best to start off with a ride that one of us could ride with him. However, I thought it would be best to start with something he would enjoy like the cars. Karl Mikal spotted the little boats and was so excited. Karl took him in and set him in the boat with the red sail. (He didn't want the blue sail.) As Karl is buckling up Karl Mikal I begin to see to look of fear come across my little boy's face. Karl looks to me and I motion for him to come on out and lets just give it a go. Well, all of my happy images of Karl Mikal loving the rides quickly go away. By the time he made three laps in the boat, he had taken his binkie out, and was wailing. The whole time his head is shaking NO! NO! The kind man operating the boats stopped the ride for us to get our screaming child off. Needless to say, we didn't ride any more rides.

This is the boat that he picked out.
He really didn't think this was any fun!
Sweet, sweet Daddy! He ran on the outside of the fence all three laps trying to encourage our little guy that this was really fun..

Daddy to the rescue.
Bubbles were much more fun.

This is my sleeper. She slept most of the time.

Despite the rough start we did a have good time just walking around the fair. We looked at the trains that are all around Big Tex and watched the bird show. It was a good day. I look forward to next year when maybe the rides will be more of a hit.

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