Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An update...finally

Okay, I know you may be thinking that I am a terrible blogger...well, I have no excuse other than to say that I must be. Please forgive me. We have been quite busy. I will give you a quick update and some pictures (the pictures are my favorite part :))
In October the kids and I went to Louisiana and spent most of the week. We had a great time and were able to see quite a few friends and work in a few mule (ATV) rides for Karl Mikal. He absolutely loves being at Modder and Poppy's house. We also had two cousin birthday parties to go to as well. And in October Karl Mikal was in the hospital with bronchialitis. We only spent one night, but that was enough. He is doing much better now and has only needed the inhaler a few times since.
November was also busy with Thanksgiving. We went to Lubbock to visit family and had a great time there.
This month we have celebrated 2 cousins birthdays and are looking forward to Christmas. We also just got back from the allergist office for a 1 year follow up and to get some testing done for the Oral Desensitization Therapy we are scheduled to start on January 14th. I will write more about that later.
On to the pictures...here are some from October.
Heidi posing with our (mine and hers) namesake. This is the original Gwili. Heidi can already tell what a special lady she is.While in Abilene for my nephew's birthday party, we stopped by ACU for homecoming. Karl Mikal enjoyed sliding down the slide in the bounce house. He did this several times.
Do you see the crayon on his face? Thank goodness they are non-toxic!
Posing at a Halloween party with Daddy. Heidi is a flower and Karl Mikal was Thomas the Tank Engine.
Isn't she the cutest flower you have ever seen? And from November:

These are two of my friends from college and their kids. We had a great time at the Arboretum in Dallas.

Heidi slept a lot of the time that we were there.Karl Mikal loves being outside! He really enjoyed "helping" me rake the leaves. He used a small broom. It was a little less dangerous that way.The kids with Daddy.Heidi was 4 months old in November. What a big girl! She was in the 95th percentile on length! Wow!

And finally December...
It just isn't a party unless the whole gang is here! He even fit the yellow bus in the rocker.
These toes are just too irresistible! I like to nibble them too!Karl Mikal loves to read! It isn't unusual to find him reading a book on his own. I really hope that I can keep that going.

Both kids have inspected the ornaments on the tree. This particular day I was trying to get some pics for our Christmas card.Heidi is looking at one of the ornaments that Karl's parents made. There are some really pretty ones in the bunch.And here is the best part of Christmas cookies...SPRINKLES!!! And mom wasn't looking. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I will try to keep the blog a bit more up to date. Don't give up on me.

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